What Is Guide By Cell?

Guide By Cell is an audio service provided to you by the University of Hawai‘i, Museum Studies Program which allows you to listen to audio clips from the artists  and contributors featured in the Crossing Cultures exhibit.

How Do I Use Guide By Cell?

It is very easy to use Guide By Cell, just remember LOOKDIAL and ENTER.

LOOK for the Guide By Cell symbol   GBC

DIAL (808) 450-3006

Listen to the instructions and ENTER in the prompt code, followed by the # key.

Where Can I Use Guide By Cell?

You can use Guide By Cell at the exhibit or in the privacy of your own home. Guide By Cell is available to you anywhere you can use your cell phone.

Please Remember: While at the exhibit, kindly set your phone to silent and refrain from listening to Guide By Cell prompts on speaker mode.


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